LiftSaver TM Mounting Bracket

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 The LiftSaver Trolling Motor Mount for the MotorGuide Xi5 or Minn Kota Ulterra/Terrova/Riptide

The LiftSaver Trolling Motor Mount was developed to minimize potential damage to your MotorGuide Xi5 or Minn Kota Ulterra/Terrova/Riptide during Launching/Loading and Docking of your boat.

The LiftSaver 'lifts' and 'retracts' your trolling motor to eliminate the overhang that is typical with these trolling motors.  

The LiftSaver's larger mounting plate (8"x20") provides a greater surface area to mount your trolling motor to distribute the mounting forces on the bow (especially when running in rough water and trailering). It also allows you to use the existing holes from your old trolling motor and adjust the position of the trolling motor to best suit your boat and to keep the 'Controller Head' within the side of your boat.

The LiftSaver Quick Detach feature (Optional) allows you to quickly remove the LiftSaver and your trolling motor for those that store your boats outside or need to remove the trolling motor for overnight trips or taking the trolling motor in for service. Just remove 4 locking nuts and take your expensive trolling motor with you. You can also purchase a 2nd Quick Detach Plate and swap your trolling motor to another boat.

Each unit comes with a 'Quick Pull Pin which has a 12" SS cable tether and tab and includes the hardware to attach the LiftSaver to your trolling motor.

Made in the USA and all components are Aluminum (5052), Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated for corrosion resistance and has a One Year Warranty.